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YOUR cells will love YOU for it!

Replenishing Care transforms health care delivery and patient outcomes from sickness-based - where the foundation is using prescription drugs to cellular-health-based - where the foundation is using and enhancing your body’s innate ability to heal, repair and perform.

Sickness-Based Care Sickness-Based Care
Cellular-Health Based Care Cellular-Health Based Care

13+ Tools and Technologies working in Tandem!

13+ Tools and Technologies working in Tandem!

RC does this by combining 13+ cellular-health tools and technologies into one model. Each chosen RC Tool/Technology:

  • EITHER gives cells back the power, oxygen or other resources to heal, repair and perform,
  • OR helps the body return to (and stay) in homeostasis and musculoskeletal balance and does so
  • WITHOUT causing any harm.

The Power of STACKING!

  • Collectively the 13+ RC technologies give each person’s cells the power, oxygen, and other resources needed to heal, repair and function (in the way and at the level we need for best wellness and best life).
  • Each RC technology contributes a specific, unique and incremental benefit to that healing process.
  • Each technology amplifies the contributions of the other technologies as they are synergistic and more effective when used together.
  • The technologies USE and ELEVATE each cell’s ability to heal and repair – which in turn positively affects tissues, organs and body systems – creating systemic improvement that AMPLIFIES the benefits of an individual’s healthy lifestyle practices (e.g. nutrition, exercise).
  • Because each cell is better able to heal itself the benefits of professional coaching and/or professional care are likewise AMPLIFIED.
  • The technologies are split into In-Centre and Home Tool Kit. A commonality of each set of technologies is they overlap in key contributions like: more energy, better sleep, less pain, reduced inflammation, better range of motion, reduced stress, improved mental clarity, anti-aging, greater sense of well-being, weight loss, injury recovery, and disease/injury prevention – so each person feels the positive effects early and increasingly as the momentum keeps building.
  • On a practical level, Replenishing Care is designed to minimize the amount of time needed for a person to take full advantage of this powerful set of benefits.
  • RC Centers are also very easily (and rapidly)-replicated
  • Best of all, Replenishing Care DOES NO HARM!
Rope and Neck Roll Recovery Protocol
ENHANCED Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT)
Scar Tissue Therapy
Replenishing Care Home Tool Kit 3
Replenishing Care Home Tool Kit
Replenishing Care Home Tool Kit 2
Replenishing Care Home Tool Kit 4
Pelvic Correction Technique


Paradigm Shift

RC is a complete paradigm shift away from taking a “pill” to (possibly) improve some factor with the likelihood of causing multiple other collateral problems (including even death in some cases) to using and enhancing our body’s innate ability to heal itself (without causing harm).

Indeed Replenishing Care recognizes that our bodies are very smart and (both) uses and enhances the innate capability of our cells to heal, repair and perform which, in turn, helps tissues, organs and body systems to do so. This systemic improvement promotes wellness and symptomatic relief in people of widely-varying health levels (in accordance with their body’s ability to heal, repair and return to function):

  • The “ill” see systemic improvement and symptomatic relief.
  • The “injured” see systemic improvement and faster recovery.
  • Those “post-surgery” see systemic improvement and faster recovery often by as much as 40%.
  • The “well” proactively improve their wellness and slow aging.
  • Executives and other high performers excel in the boardroom.
  • Elite athletes train harder, recover better, and elevate their play.
  • ALL become more resistant to illness and injury.
  • Aging and loss of performance is slowed (even reversed) – often dramatically.

By virtue of this RC is 3 things (primarily):

  • a Personal Best Wellness System for EVERYONE,
  • a Personal Best Performance System for Athletes, Executives and other High-Achievers, and
  • a Primary and Primordial Care Model that TRANSFORMS “health” care delivery/results from sickness-based to wellness-based.

Replenishing Care puts personal wellness in the hands of the individual and the tools needed for wellness in plain sight!


Replenishing Care’s mission is to help people become as healthy as they possibly can be by matching the best tools available to each person’s health circumstance, goals and needs.

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Replenishing Care does not diagnose, treat, nor cure any illness or medical condition. Our services promote fitness, wellness and improved athletic performance; results vary. Readers and users alike are advised to use the information, technologies, and methods presented under the supervision of their family doctor and/or other health professionals they rely upon. RCC is a division of Replenishing Care and Technologies (RC&T)

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