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I will be faster and stronger (not OLDER) at 61 because of Replenishing Care

In September 2014 at age 58, I ran my first B&O Yorkville 5K Run in a time of 24:01 – good for first place in my age category. 

In September 2016 at age 60, I completed the Race in a time of 23:46 – good for second place in my age category.

In September 2017 at age 61, my plan/goal is to complete the Race 3 minutes faster in a time of 20:45 or less – matching my personal best from 20 years ago and - which in the absence of a 60-something “rabbit” (whom I would not have caught even if I was 20-something) should put me at the top of my age category again. 

I am confident I will take 3 minutes off my 5K time at 61 because:

·     I will be a further 12 months on the upside of the hernia surgery I had in July 2016,

·     I have already started training (my 2014 and 2016 results were pretty much walk-ons),

but most of all……

·     I will have had another year of Replenishing Care – the benefits of which include but are not limited to: recharging cellular electric power; reducing pain; reducing/preventing inflammation; increasing range of motion; improving immune system; increasing energy, performance and stamina; increasing tensile strength in ligaments; enhancing capillary formation; accelerating injury/wound recovery and aiding functional recovery; reducing tissue necrosis; accelerating training; increasing aerobic capacity (VO2 max); increasing red blood cells; releasing stress; aiding in detoxification and clearing of metabolic waste; up-regulating mitochondrial cellular respiration; increasing oxygen to the brain and all vital organs; flushing lactic acid; erasing stress-triggered congestion that limits blood flow, strength and endurance; erasing muscle brownouts that limit performance; increasing metabolism and aiding weight loss; increasing cardiovascular capacity; improving cardiovascular health factors (regulating blood pressure, lowering bad cholesterol and helping regulate blood sugar); regulating organs and glands; improving brain function; improving mood and clarity of thinking; eliciting the Tonic Vibration Reflex (TVR) to relax muscle cramps, spasms and muscle guarding; floating the fascia (allowing muscle fibers to separate and easily glide); reducing Hypoxia; balancing the pelvis and spine and reducing wear and tear injury; improving bone strength; helping improve sleep; assisting vision; reducing sinus and nasal congestion; disrupting developed or incubating pathogens; identifying/ releasing emotional triggers of physiological illness and detoxifying, detoxifying and detoxifying

On second thought – anybody see a rabbit

It is fun to think this way at 60! I believe everyone should! 

If you are interested in ascending wellness and best performance at ANY age we’d enjoy hearing from you.

Kindest regards,



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