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Fitness is a gift we give ourselves – since by definition:

  • fitness is a state of being able to perform sports, occupations and daily activities,
  • wellness is a state of progressing toward higher levels of functioning, and
  • health is a state of being free from injury or illness.

Thus YOUR fitness is (really) YOUR ability to do the things you need and/or want to do – at YOUR personal best and handle the pressure.

YOUR fitness will also define YOUR ability to enjoy the lifestyle YOU have worked so hard to create as it is YOUR pathway to wellness and health.

It isn’t complicated:

  • the more fit you are, the more well you are likely to be, and
  • the more well you are, the more resistant to illness and injury you are likely to be.

In short: it ALL starts with FITNESS; FITNESS starts with cellular health, and cellular health starts with Replenishing Care!

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Replenishing Care’s mission is to help people become as healthy as they possibly can be by matching the best tools available to each person’s health circumstance, goals and needs.

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Replenishing Care does not diagnose, treat, nor cure any illness or medical condition. Our services promote fitness, wellness and improved athletic performance; results vary. Readers and users alike are advised to use the information, technologies, and methods presented under the supervision of their family doctor and/or other health professionals they rely upon. RCC is a division of Replenishing Care and Technologies (RC&T)

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